Sage Rader

Sage Rader is a Breath Artist, Biohacking pioneer, violinist, poet, and creator of Breath Church, an online community dedicated to self-healing and NeuroAcrobatics™, a system of breath and brain games designed to create rapid dynamic shifts in consciousness that show up in the real world in real time.

Over the past two decades, his creative work has been featured in W Magazine, Global Wellness Institute’s 2021 Trend Report on Breathwork, The New York Times, on BBC, PBS, ITV (UK)Sirius/XM and in competition for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

After recovering from a series of near fatal medical conditions and rebuilding his brain and body from scratch more than once, Sage now has the privilege of sharing his secrets with super-celebrities, doctors, scientists and CEOs as well as extreme trauma, cancer and chronic pain warriors. NeurAcro (for short) is designed to take the same secrets used by elite performers under the most demanding circumstances and make them accessible to anyone with breath and a brain.

His mission is to weave breath and brain games with music and community to relieve the loneliness and pain epidemics driving the opioid epidemic.

Testimonials for Sage Rader

—Jake Sasseville Co-Founder and President, Imiloa Institute

The great masters among us chart uncharted territory for us; they invite us, hold our hands, remind us that whatever happens, it’s an inside job after all. Sage is among the great masters I’ve come to know. To recommend him would be underwhelming. I extend the same invitation he extended to me to experience him and his work fully…Safe Flight.”

–Dan Brule Breath Master, global Breathwork Pioneer and Best-Selling Author, Just Breath

When it comes to self-healing and self-liberation, Sage is the real deal. If you are a world-class performer looking for a dynamic breakthrough, if you simply need some heavyweight healing, or if deep inside you know that your so-called problems are actually powerful gifts, then I encourage you to breathe with Sage and watch what unfolds and comes alive in you.

—Ben Michaelis, Ph.D Psychologist, co-founder of the and author of Your Next Big Thing.

His breathwork practice is subtle and brilliant. The work he does is monumental for body, mind & soul. After our session, our group left with a mindset that was ready to do deeply focused & reflective work.”

—Brian MacKenzie Author, Power Speed Endurance, Elite performance coach & Founder, SH//FT_Adapt

“Sage is the one of very few people I've met that not only has interest in breath at the level he does, but is learning about it at the level he is. I have had the privilege of working with him, and listening to and participating in work he has not only methodically composed, but artistically painted in a way no other person is doing.” 

—Pamela Palladino Gold Founder, PRTL

Sage Rader is singular in his capacity to feel into the hidden world of our psyche and find the defense mechanisms and stuck spots and disarm them with ease.

—Steve Halpern Entrepreneur and Real Estate Baller

Meeting and breathing with Sage Rader was one of the moments in my life that truly changed me forever. The movement of life energy that happened in my body on that first breath session made me realize that I had no idea the potential my body and soul could reach. I can feel more, love more, achieve more and be more. Sage has become a brother to me and I wish you all the opportunity to feel what I now feel in life.

178 West 27th Street, Suite 527
New York NY 10012

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