An audio course designed for you to incorporate bleeding edge brain and breath techniques into your daily life whenever you need it most.

What if that one simple thing you're doing RIGHT NOW could lead to a positive, powerful, proactive solution that will be there for you in any situation, wherever you are? 

NeuroAcrobatics™ Module One: WTF: What the Felt Sensation is an exclusive live six-week training led by founder Sage Rader. Now the audio course will be made available for anyone to take at their own pace.

This course is personally crafted and instructed by NeuroAcrobatics™ founder Sage Rader.

NeuroAcrobatics™ was developed in very real-life or death scenarios. Sage has personally used these principles to greet each and every challenge like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As a result, it is now used by the most elite performers all over the world…

NeuroAcrobatics™ was designed specifically for:


Wellness Professionals

Are you looking for a new tool that will give you a personal edge while blowing your clients’ minds?


Are you caring for ill or needy loved ones and starting to see the toll it takes on you?

High Achievers

Are you crushing your goals and looking for a way to enjoy life more while relaxing into your success?

Deeply Experienced in Wellness

Have you taken all the NLP, Breathwork, and every other “In” certification and looking for what’s next?

Avoiding Burnout

Are you tired of serving others and then going home on empty to more people who need to be served?

High Stress and Time Poor

Do you want to master a wellness practice that can be done anywhere, without appointments or gurus?


Offered in partnership with
The Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences

15 hours total | 1 CEU for Professionals

(Register as a professional at sign up) 

  • Learn how to regulate your emotions to meet stress with more energy when you need it.
  • Manage chronic sensation you don’t love and make it actually work for you!
  • Find time to do what YOU WANT TO DO when you’re done doing what you have to do.
  • Gain a valuable skill you can use immediately with friends and loved ones who look to you for help.
  • Practice SELF CARE and CARE FOR OTHERS at the same time.

It turns out that what you think about while you’re breathing gets ‘wired’ into your body’s nervous system.

This ends up stuck in your body.

NeuroAcrobatics™ innovative new “Imagination Training” is 6 modules of 2.5hr sessions (15 hours total) to adventure through
how to use your breath and your thinking at any given minute of the day to:

  • Generate the felt sensation you want to experience in your body and your life.
  • Practice RELIEVING trauma without RE-LIVING trauma!
  • Learn how to change your narrative around your life and what ‘keeps happening to you’.
  • Create compelling narratives out of everyday events that inspire and propel you forward.
  • Maintain personal and professional sustainability while managing colossal stress levels.
  • Harness the power of natural processes in the mind and body to put extra wind in your sails.

 During this six-module fifteen-hour professional training you will learn:

  • How to substitute a negative image with a positive one and how to get it to stay in your body.
  • Why your body’s “felt sensation” is important if you want to succeed in life.
  • How to control your own thoughts and keep what you’re doing in line with how you’re doing.

Meet Your Instructor

Sage Rader

Just a few years ago: I was nearly 320lbs with a pile of acute and chronic conditions so serious that my prognosis looked and felt hopeless … Not only did I keep going and master my challenges, but from that bleak place of despair … I created NeuroAcrobatics™ for you to learn to use your imagination and your breath to change your inner experience!

Join me and THE PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL OF BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SCIENCES in creating the sensation you want for yourself and those you love.  

One breath at a time.

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New York NY 10012

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