Breath & Brain Wins Again

I’ve spent a lifetime overcoming mental and physical challenges by blending a custom combination of wellness practices and found a way to make it easy and fun so YOU can do it too. 

 I call it NeuroAcrobatics™.

I’ll help you rewire your brain to experience your everyday reality in a whole new way. All you need is a little curiosity, your imagination and some ambient room air.

Breath & Brain Wins Again

I’ve spent a lifetime overcoming mental and physical challenges by blending a custom combination of wellness practices and found a way to make it easy and fun so YOU can do it too. 

 I call it NeuroAcrobatics™.

I’ll help you rewire your brain to experience your everyday reality in a whole new way. All you need is a little curiosity, your imagination and some ambient room air.

Available Now: 

NeuroAcrobatics™ Level 1
WTF - What the Felt Sensation

NeuroAcrobatics™ is

a course of self-healing breath and brain “games” that only requires you to breathe consciously, listen to music, use your imagination and invites you to:
  • Increase awareness
  • Achieve peak-performance
  • Unlock extra energy

Which scenario best describes you?

I’m ready to rename my chronic pain.

I want to burn hot without burning out.
I want more peace and power in my professional game.

One last time please—When would I want to be a NeuroAcrobat?

Becoming a NeuroAcrobat means carrying your wellness practice with you anywhere you require it, during life's little interruptions. No appointments or special equipment necessary. Since you asked—Here’s what we call our

Lifeline List:

Stressed and furious driver in his car

Stuck in traffic with someplace to be.

Don't get road rage. You can practice NeuroAcrobatics™ anywhere.

Millennial guy dialing technical support cause his internet is down

On critical deadline, internet is down.

Don't abuse customer support. You can practice NeuroAcrobatics™ anywhere.

Entrepreneurs standing in line

Lost in line behind a guy who forgot his wallet.

And trying to use his underwear labels as identification. Don't freak out. You can practice NeuroAcrobatics™ anywhere.

Baby crying

Screaming babies on a plane.

Don't wind up on the no fly list. You can practice NeuroAcrobatics™ anywhere.

Late work

Working late with family home sick in bed.

Don't stress yourself sick. You can practice NeuroAcrobatics™ anywhere.

Senior woman with sore and muscle pain

Living with chronic anything.

Don't give up hope. You can practice NeuroAcrobatics™ anywhere.

As Seen In

Mind Games for
Chronic Pain

Self-Healing is a superpower.

Chronic pain warriors to the front of the line.

I’ve personally dealt with the kind of acute pain that doctors say will stop your heart, and the chronic kind that never runs out of gas. More than once. And I’ve triumphed over it every time, no matter how badly it sucked. 

If you deal with constant sensation in the body that derails your thoughts, and tugs at your awareness all day like a kid in a tantrum, then NeuroAcrobatics™ is for you. I don’t promise you pie in the sky results. I promise you that if you do this stuff daily instead of sitting and stewing in your own cranky brain chemistry… YOU. WILL. PROCESS. SENSATION. DIFFERENTLY! 

And…I also promise you that I know that it hurts and I’m literally breathing with you in my own version as I write this. I’ll give you the tools you need to re-wire your brain and a free community to come and practice with. Join the circus and see how NeurAcro (for short) can work for you.

Human optimization is unique to each and every human.

I’ve taught some of the most overloaded and overachieving humans on the planet how to breathe, feel and re-wire their physiology under extreme conditions that most of us can’t imagine. Whether they had stage four cancer or were world-famous pop icons, it turns out it’s all about learning to relax. While the Universe is hitting the fan. All. At. Once.

If you’re looking to find a new WHY and some power to get there but haven’t found a sustainable mental model to create the right containers for “success” and “peak” anything to flow in, then NeuroAcrobatics™ is for you. I don’t teach you a technique, I train you to teach yourself how to breathe and think in the line of fire and get real results in real time.

Based on principles taught to elite special forces, law enforcement and medical doctors, NeuroAcrobatics™ gives you access to your own innate human potential that is just sitting on the table where you left it. 

Mind Games for
Human Optimization

Mind Games for
a Professional Process

You can’t practice professionally what isn’t there personally.

I’ve taught the most brutally tasked and “crushing it” corporate players how to do their thing, take a moment to reset, pivot, shoot, nail it, take a nap (insert flight #) and repeat as necessary…without having a heart attack or losing marriage number two.

If you’re looking for a personal process to generate a sustainable daily life path that will self-insert into your work world then NeuroAcrobatics™ is for you. If you want a process that leads to a life path that no seminar or week-long retreat can sustain then you want equal parts inspiration and perspiration in your daily life. I don’t tell you that this isn’t going to take some time to actually play the games and see the results—I promise you it won’t suck to do it and I’ll give you a place where you can try it out with other people like you. For FREE. 

I’ll teach you to do your nearest duty to the best of your ability with special curiosity and interest that will train your situational awareness to your benefit. 


Sage Rader

Sage Rader is a Breath Artist, Biohacking pioneer, violinist, poet, and creator of Breath Church, an online community dedicated to self-healing and NeuroAcrobatics™, a system of breath and brain games designed to create rapid dynamic shifts in consciousness that show up in the real world in real time.

Over the past two decades, his creative work has been featured in W Magazine, Global Wellness Institute’s 2021 Trend Report on Breathwork, The New York Times, on BBC, PBS, ITV (UK)Sirius/XM and in competition for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

After recovering from a series of near fatal medical conditions and rebuilding his brain and body from scratch more than once, Sage now has the privilege of sharing his secrets with super-celebrities, doctors, scientists and CEOs as well as extreme trauma, cancer and chronic pain warriors. NeurAcro (for short) is designed to take the same secrets used by elite performers under the most demanding circumstances and make them accessible to anyone with breath and a brain.

His mission is to weave breath and brain games with music and community to relieve the loneliness and pain epidemics driving the opioid epidemic.


Get started with NeuroAcrobatics:

About our founder:

Six Weekly Sessions on SUNDAYS
September 18 –October 23, 2022
12:00pm EST

Offered in partnership with
The Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences

15 hours total | 1 CEU for Professionals

(Register as a professional at sign up) 

This course is designed for professional wellness practitioners and overachievers looking to incorporate bleeding edge brain and breath techniques into their routines.

What if that one simple thing you're doing RIGHT NOW could lead to a positive, powerful, proactive solution that will be there for you in any situation, wherever you are? 


For Wellness Professionals

Are you looking for a new tool that will give you a personal edge while blowing your clients’ minds?

For Caregivers

Are you caring for ill or needy loved ones and starting to see the toll it takes on you?

For High Achievers

Are you crushing your goals and looking for a way to enjoy life more while relaxing into your success?

For the Highly Experienced

Have you taken all the NLP, Breathwork, and every other “In” certification and looking for what’s next?

For Avoiding Burnout

Are you tired of serving others and then going home on empty to more people who need to be served?

For High Stress and Time Poor

Do you want to master a wellness practice that can be done anywhere, without appointments or gurus?

This course is personally crafted and instructed by NeuroAcrobatics™ founder Sage Rader.

NeuroAcrobatics™ was developed in very real-life or death scenarios. Sage has personally used these principles to greet each and every challenge like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As a result, it is now used by the most elite performers all over the world…

  • Learn how to regulate your emotions to meet stress with more energy when you need it.
  • Manage chronic sensation you don’t love and make it actually work for you!
  • Find time to do what YOU WANT TO DO when you’re done doing what you have to do.
  • Gain a valuable skill you can use immediately with friends and loved ones who look to you for help.
  • Practice SELF CARE and CARE FOR OTHERS at the same time.

It turns out that what you think about while you’re breathing gets ‘wired’ into your body’s nervous system.

This ends up stuck in your body.

NeuroAcrobatics™ innovative new “Imagination Training” is a 2.5hr weekly (15 hours total) adventure through
how you to use your breath and your thinking at any given minute of the day to:

  • Generate the felt sensation you want to experience in your body and your life.
  • Practice RELIEVING trauma without RE-LIVING trauma!
  • Learn how to change your narrative around your life and what ‘keeps happening to you’.
  • Create compelling narratives out of everyday events that inspire and propel you forward.
  • Maintain personal and professional sustainability while managing colossal stress levels.
  • Harness the power of natural processes in the mind and body to put extra wind in your sails.

 During this six-week professional training you will learn:

  • How to substitute a negative image with a positive one and how to get it to stay in your body.
  • Why your body’s “felt sensation” is important if you want to succeed in life.
  • How to control your own thoughts and keep what you’re doing in line with how you’re doing.

Limited slots are available in this one-of-a-kind class taught by NeuroAcrobatics™ founder Sage Rader.

Don't miss your chance. Sign up now.

Want to learn more before signing up?
Join our free infosession
Saturday 9/20/22 at noon EST

Can't wait to get started? 
Try our Module One preload challenge for free right now:

Have you ever stopped to notice your thoughts? Now more than ever, the ability to create the tools you need to access and influence your thinking is a baseline requirement for modern living.

For many of us, stopping to “observe” this process of thought can end up like watching a high-speed blooper reel of all of our worst fears, unfinished tasks and ‘wreckage of the future’ on constant repeat. 

Why would we want to even know what’s going on up there?

If you’re not conscious of how you’re thinking, feeling or ‘doing’ then you’re flying blind. Most of us move from event to event, allowing external circumstances to define our felt sense and experience of our lives.

Once you are aware of who and what is controlling your mind you can begin to work with the laws of nature that are designed for your benefit. Life begins to be your partner not your persecutor. 

How you think while you breathe is the more important than your daily “Breathwork routine”. If you want to get the most out of, or begin your basic Breathwork/Brain/Body practice–this challenge will force multiply that process. 

The seven laws in this challenge form a baseline for balance and sustainability amid rapid, dynamic change… 

Much like the laws of physics, these metaphysical principles exist around us whether we are aware of them or not and whether we “believe” in them or not. Gravity doesn’t ask permission nor does it pick and choose when to work.

These laws are universal and constant.

• ..So much so that we have created a new system of thinking and breathing around these principles that is as powerful as anything we have ever tried…and we have tried a LOT in our search for no BS tools that work under the most extreme demands. 

Most of us have never been informed that there are actual laws that govern all mental activity, so it might surprise you to learn that the answers are as actionable as they are freely available. 

In this seven-day challenge we’ll explore each of the seven laws that govern all thinking. You’ll learn:

  • Why creative thought needs space and how to make space using your breath and a “relax about it” attitude.
  • Why “not thinking” about a thing doesn’t work and what to do instead.
  • Why how you feel about your thoughts matters.
  • The key to leveraging the power of your subconscious mind to work in your favor.
  • Why you can’t “hack” the need for practice when it comes to managing your thoughts but you can shorten your learning curve.
  • How to tie this all together using your breath, brain and body and some ambient room air.
  • Why forgiveness matters when it comes to your thoughts and energy management.
  • What the heck this has to do with NeuroAcrobatics™.


So why am I writing a 7-day challenge about the Great Laws that govern ALL Thinking?  And what does that have to do with breathing? 

Here at NeuroAcrobatics™ we believe that, in as much as they create your bodily felt sensation, your thoughts while you’re breathing are more important than how you’re breathing. (Yes, you heard that correctly!) And spoiler alert:  we’re always breathing. So…What and how we think matters, because it shows up immediately in the body. We will delve much deeper into this core NeuroAcrobatics concept more in a future challenge.

If we know how our thoughts are formed, and more importantly, how our inner world (what we create in our mind) creates our outer world (shows up in our life), we can  use this to our advantage.

By the time you’ve finished this challenge, you will understand what these Great Laws are and you will learn how to apply them in your life. The quality of your thoughts will both generate the quality of your life, and furnish you with some effective tools to help you maintain balance and achieve sustainable growth.


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Seven Mental Laws

The power and possibility for change are in the application.  Learn it for immediate use.

You can email me at: with any questions, comments and/or feedback. 

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Testimonials for Sage Rader

—Jake Sasseville Co-Founder and President, Imiloa Institute

The great masters among us chart uncharted territory for us; they invite us, hold our hands, remind us that whatever happens, it’s an inside job after all. Sage is among the great masters I’ve come to know. To recommend him would be underwhelming. I extend the same invitation he extended to me to experience him and his work fully…Safe Flight.

–Dan Brule Breath Master, global Breathwork Pioneer and Best-Selling Author, Just Breath

When it comes to self-healing and self-liberation, Sage is the real deal. If you are a world-class performer looking for a dynamic breakthrough, if you simply need some heavyweight healing, or if deep inside you know that your so-called problems are actually powerful gifts, then I encourage you to breathe with Sage and watch what unfolds and comes alive in you.

—Ben Michaelis, Ph.D Psychologist, co-founder of the and author of Your Next Big Thing.

His breathwork practice is subtle and brilliant. The work he does is monumental for body, mind & soul. After our session, our group left with a mindset that was ready to do deeply focused & reflective work.

—Brian MacKenzie Author, Power Speed Endurance, Elite performance coach & Founder, SH//FT_Adapt

Sage is the one of very few people I've met that not only has interest in breath at the level he does, but is learning about it at the level he is. I have had the privilege of working with him, and listening to and participating in work he has not only methodically composed, but artistically painted in a way no other person is doing.

—Pamela Palladino Gold Founder, PRTL

Sage Rader is singular in his capacity to feel into the hidden world of our psyche and find the defense mechanisms and stuck spots and disarm them with ease.

—Steve Halpern Entrepreneur and Real Estate Baller

Meeting and breathing with Sage Rader was one of the moments in my life that truly changed me forever. The movement of life energy that happened in my body on that first breath session made me realize that I had no idea the potential my body and soul could reach. I can feel more, love more, achieve more and be more. Sage has become a brother to me and I wish you all the opportunity to feel what I now feel in life.

Kamau Kokayi MD

Sage's life unfoldment has given him access to an awareness of the breath and breathing that is rarely matched. He is a curator of the consciousness to be experienced in the breath. Through his latest offering, NeuroAcrobatics™, Sage will take you on a deep dive to explore uncharted aspects of your own physiology. A new relationship with the life force and consciousness that is the breath awaits you.

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