NeuroAcrobatics™ Courses

NeuroAcrobatics™ Free Info Session

Discover what NeuroAcrobatics™ is all about with our free info session, dive right into our professional course or anything  in between.

Our free info session is designed to give you a complete understanding of how NeuroAcrobatics™ works to cultivate brain/body mastery that you can practice anywhere, in any situation.

If you’re wondering what’s next after Breathwork and how to invigorate your personal growth practice, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

7 Mental Laws Four-Week Course

Are you ready to unlock the power of your mind? Join our 4-week course on the 7 Mental Laws and unlock the hidden potential laying dormant inside you. Learn how to use your thoughts and emotions as powerful tools for transformation, growth, and success in all areas of life. Unlock the science behind how your mind works and gain a deeper understanding of how you can use that knowledge to create profound change. In just four weeks you will have a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you. Join NeuroAcrobatics™ practitioner Meg Baerg to take this opportunity to equip yourself with knowledge that will last a lifetime!

NeuroAcrobatics™ Module One

NeuroAcrobatics™ Module One was an exclusive live 6-week, fifteen-hour experience led by NeuroAcrobatics™ founder Sage Rader in partnership with Dr. Peter Litchfield and The Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences for a who’s who of the professionl breathwork community. 

Now the audio version will let you not only immerse yourself in the same course we brought to our peers, but you can earn the same certification at a fraction of the cost of the live course. For professionals, it can count as one CEU. This course is designed for professional wellness practitioners and overachievers looking to incorporate bleeding edge brain and breath techniques into their routines.

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