Have you ever stopped to notice your thoughts? Now more than ever, the ability to create the tools you need to access and influence your thinking is a baseline requirement for modern living.

For many of us, stopping to “observe” this process of thought can end up like watching a high-speed blooper reel of all of our worst fears, unfinished tasks and ‘wreckage of the future’ on constant repeat. 

Why would we want to even know what’s going on up there?

If you’re not conscious of how you’re thinking, feeling or ‘doing’ then you’re flying blind. Most of us move from event to event, allowing external circumstances to define our felt sense and experience of our lives.

Once you are aware of who and what is controlling your mind you can begin to work with the laws of nature that are designed for your benefit. Life begins to be your partner not your persecutor. 

How you think while you breathe is the more important than your daily “Breathwork routine”. If you want to get the most out of, or begin your basic Breathwork/Brain/Body practice–this challenge will force multiply that process. 

The seven laws in this challenge form a baseline for balance and sustainability amid rapid, dynamic change… 

Much like the laws of physics, these metaphysical principles exist around us whether we are aware of them or not and whether we “believe” in them or not. Gravity doesn’t ask permission nor does it pick and choose when to work.

These laws are universal and constant.

• ..So much so that we have created a new system of thinking and breathing around these principles that is as powerful as anything we have ever tried…and we have tried a LOT in our search for no BS tools that work under the most extreme demands. 

Most of us have never been informed that there are actual laws that govern all mental activity, so it might surprise you to learn that the answers are as actionable as they are freely available. 

In this seven-day challenge we’ll explore each of the seven laws that govern all thinking. You’ll learn:

  • Why creative thought needs space and how to make space using your breath and a “relax about it” attitude.
  • Why “not thinking” about a thing doesn’t work and what to do instead.
  • Why how you feel about your thoughts matters.
  • The key to leveraging the power of your subconscious mind to work in your favor.
  • Why you can’t “hack” the need for practice when it comes to managing your thoughts but you can shorten your learning curve.
  • How to tie this all together using your breath, brain and body and some ambient room air.
  • Why forgiveness matters when it comes to your thoughts and energy management.
  • What the heck this has to do with NeuroAcrobatics™.


So why am I writing a 7-day challenge about the Great Laws that govern ALL Thinking?  And what does that have to do with breathing? 

Here at NeuroAcrobatics™ we believe that, in as much as they create your bodily felt sensation, your thoughts while you’re breathing are more important than how you’re breathing. (Yes, you heard that correctly!) And spoiler alert:  we’re always breathing. So…What and how we think matters, because it shows up immediately in the body. We will delve much deeper into this core NeuroAcrobatics concept more in a future challenge.

If we know how our thoughts are formed, and more importantly, how our inner world (what we create in our mind) creates our outer world (shows up in our life), we can  use this to our advantage.

By the time you’ve finished this challenge, you will understand what these Great Laws are and you will learn how to apply them in your life. The quality of your thoughts will both generate the quality of your life, and furnish you with some effective tools to help you maintain balance and achieve sustainable growth.


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